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Just some of my favorite sites
Free Flight sites Electric R/C Model Plans Helpful Tips Pages
Flying Aces Club Paul and Ralph Bradley's Model Airplane Page ThePlanPage,com
by Bhagat Dhillion
mostly rubber powered free flight Aeronuts Model Airplane Plans

Dannysoar's Idiot's Guide to Prop Carving V2.02

Mikes Flying Scale Matt's Microplane MFK
Shonai Peanut   Mike Chapman HLG plans
Nathan Sturman Homepage Microflight's RC Airplane Kits David Livesay plans page Kayak Building Projects   flying aces club plans Canvasback kayak construction photos and link to plans.
National Free Flight Society RC Planes - Buy ready to fly RC airplanes, RC helicopters, RC Toys, and much more. free flight HLG's My Grizzly Ukulele Kit
wakefields photos  
Raynes Park Model Club  
Old Timer Appreciation Pages Real Aircraft Pages Hand Launch Gliders Pay to Play, but really helpful
wilpers/OldTimers Ping's Storch Page Fat Lion Hand Launch Howard Hughes H-1 Racer Portland Area Sailplane Society  
MEFFA   Craft Room Japan  
Quiet Cow
Morejohn-Irwin Oldtimer Collection
  All about HLG (Swedish)  
    free flight HLG's  
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